Early Days

Anna was born on August 5th, 1981, in Adelaide, South Australia.  At age 5 her mother died, leaving her to grow up with her father, Jim, and brother, Willy.  Anna was always involved in sports, and at age 13 she began to play golf.

For Anna, sports and school were her main priorities.  Then at the age of 16, Anna was a finalist in the Australia “Dolly” Magazine cover contest.  This began her modeling career on the catwalk, in print ads, and on television.

In 1999, Anna was selected to be on the Australian National Senior Squad.  She was the leading qualifier of the Australian Amateur and won both the South Australian and Victorian Junior championships.  In July, Anna won the Jack Newton International Junior Classic and was selected to be a member of the South Australian Senior State team.  What is remarkable is that Anna achieved all of this without coaching.

Although highly involved in her sport, she graduated high school with a territory entrance rank of 94.05 out of a possible 99.95.